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What's in a Name?

Apparently, Jeany has many meanings. Spelt my way, it's Hebrew and French root mean 'God is gracious', however, it has other meanings, too! More about them later.

Increasingly, people are choosing names that are very different to the norm, and in some cases, not what some would call a name; rather naming their children after a place, favourite drink, an emotion and so on. I have seen many, shall I say, 'unusual' names in my line of work.


I have heard, although I don't know how true it is, that in some countries you can 'nickname' your child anything you want to, but their registered name has to be a name recognised by the state. That sounds harsh in one sense, but is it really?

Our name has to see us through our life. When we name our children, we cannot possibly know what kind of character they will turn out be, but if we are named after a place, drink or a rebellious cause, what is that saying to our children?

Naming our children wasn't easy. My husband knew a number of not-so-nice people in his job so it took some time for us to come to an agreement. The meaning of their names is positive and actually they suit them down to the ground.

Do you live up to your name? Does it suit you? Or do you have a name that has negative connotations for you? If that's the case, why not pick a new name for yourself as a 'nickname' / 'known as'?

Let's go back to my name. My parents had no idea what and who I would turn out to be when they named me. I had no idea what my name meant until I was looking to name my own children. So did I grow up and into my name? Honest, benevolent, brilliant, often inventive, full of high inspirations, courageous, determined, original, creative, a leader (especially for a cause), does well in positions of authority, prosperous in intellectual and professional fields, has the ability to learn easily, always looking for chances to do my own thing, to be my own person and have things done my way.

I will leave it to those who know me, to decide how many of them are actually me, but, in my own opinion, I think that a good number of them really do describe me.

Try to live up to all the positive aspects of your name, be proud to own them, and try to make sure that any negative meanings, don't define you.

Jeany Pavett, Author of Life After Death: A Mother's Story

Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash

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