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Blowing Hot & Cold

Yesterday it was glorious sunshine and it felt like the height of summer. Today we began very Autumnal, almost winter, no sunshine, windy and quite cold. Now, as I'm sitting in my car eating lunch, the sun is breaking through.

Like the weather, we can be up one minute and down the next blowing hot and cold. Life can be fantastic one minute and pretty miserable the next.

We all have down days, but what about those suffering with depression? Once someone gave me an analogy of a down day we all have, compared to someone who is clinically depressed.

Imagine yourself as a ball. For people on a down day the rubber ball doesn't bounce very high, but it will bounce. As their mood improves, so does their bounce.

However, for someone who is clinically depressed, their ball is made out of plastercine and simply splats to the ground and doesn't bounce. They need help to be scooped up and moulded back into shape.

How? We'll that depends on the person and their state of mind. Depressed and suicidal people can be expert at covering up the extent of their depression. Listen to what they don't say; watch out for what they don't do; and for things they exaggerate.

You know your friends. For each of us it will be different because we are all different characters with different circumstances. Be aware and be there.

10°c thIs morning seemed very cold after temperatures of 20-30°c, and yet, 10°c felt very warm after winter temperatures of -4°c (less for some). It's all about perspective.

Keep your eyes on each other; take those unspoken/undone/exaggerated worries words, and things, and mould each other back into shape, gently and with love.

Let the love and warmth of caring shine through and make the world a better place for us all.

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