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Tonight I was preaching at the Ascension Day Service.

As usual, I looked at the passages, a few days ago, looked up a commentary, asked God to give me His words and off I went with a 'sort of' plan.

I say 'sort of' plan because I have come to realise that if God is to speak through me, I cannot have a set script to read from. I practiced what I was preaching!

I was taught, many years ago, that when speaking, to focus on someone who is engaged and smiling, rather than someone who isn't. I was very encouraged tonight to see a number of people smiling and engaging with me.

After the service, I was encouraged by a number of them. One of the points to my sermon was waiting on the Holy Spirit before acting. The plan we have may be a good one that fits the Christian ethos, but is it God's plan for now?

It was a wonderful, calm and light evening, but by the time I got home and looked out of an upstairs window, I saw a different beauty. It doesn't capture it fully, but it rounded off beautiful comments on a beautiful evening. I'll share more about my sermon next time.

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