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The Language Of Love, Part Two

Recently, I had a bit of a spat with my husband. I told him I'd take his lunch to him because I needed some shopping in order to make it for him. I asked him where I need to take it.

Quiche & salad

I spent the morning preparing lunches for the week and dinner for that evening and then set out with the lunch for that day. He looked surprised to see me. I gave him his lunch box and went back home to finish my cooking.

When he returned that night, he'd not eaten his lunch and when I expressed unhappiness at this situation, he didn't see the problem and said he could take it the next day. I pointed out that I had made lunch for the whole week already.

So we clashed. The problem was that we were speaking different love languages. We'd learnt all about love languages. I was speaking the love language of "Acts of Service", my primary love language, one of the five we learnt about last year. It isn't my husband's primary love language.

More about the languages of love, where we learnt about them and why it was an issue, coming up in another blog...

Jeany Pavett, Author of Life After Death: A Mother's Story

Photo by James Harris on Unsplash

Photo by James Harris on Unsplash

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