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Ever Have Doubts?

I know that there are many doubts that each of us has on a daily basis. We don't think we are good enough, worth loving; or we don't think that we have what we need to..

Nowadays, when you go for a job, you have to tell them why they should pick you above all the other applicants, what is so special about you? Doubts can push through to the front of your mind and, if you're not careful, you could find yourself not bothering to apply because you're not as good as the others.

One disciple was missing, Thomas. He didn't believe that the others were speaking the truth, until Jesus appeared again a week later when Thomas was there. Thomas then believed.

That same Holy Spirit is available to you and me today. We have to accept Him into our lives, believe and trust that it is nothing to be afraid of, but something that will help us.

Cast your doubts onto the Lord right now and ask the Holy Spirit to fill you to overflowing, because through God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, anything is possible.

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