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Stop The World..!

Sometimes, we are in places where we don't want 'it' to end; conversely, we also find ourselves in places where we want to shout,

"Stop the world - I want to get off!"

It is during those moments; that time appears to stand still; no one understands; you feel lonely; you wonder what the point many negative emotions and feelings spiralling downwards as you ask the short question,


In my opinion, it always seems easier to shoulder the burdens, no matter how painful, to help those we love. Love takes over and we gladly take on the suffering of those we love.

As Easter approaches, I'd like to share some thoughts with you.

Jesus had those times, too. In Hebrews, chapter five, verses seven to nine, we read,

While Jesus lived on earth He prayed to God, asking for

help from the one who could save Him from death. He

prayed to God with loud cries and tears. And His prayers were answered

because of His great respect for God. Jesus was the Son of God, but He still

suffered and through His sufferings He learned to obey whatever God says. This

made Him the perfect High Priest, who provides the way for everyone who obeys Him

to be saved forever.

Jesus was afraid of what He was facing and begged with Father God that if there was any other way to save us all, that God would grant it so that Jesus didn't have to suffer. There was no other way, gone were the days of many different sacrifices for different sins, Jesus, God's Son, would be the final and Perfect Sacrifice. It would mean that all those who turned to Him and believed in HIm, would not perish but have life eternal.

Jesus' love for the Father, and for us, meant that He was willing to endure whatever it took to save us. God gave Him the strength to do so.

But it didn't end there...

Photos by Christoph Schmid on Unsplash

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