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Love Pierces You Heart

I don't know about you, but sometimes a lovely surprise comes my way that I hadn't expected. It's times like that when my heart is filled with joy.

As a parent I give all of me to each of my children. That has been from the moment I was pregnant with each of them, until the moment I take my last breath I would give my life for them.

Sadly I have lost one of my children (read Life After Death: A Mother's Story) but my love for her didn't, and it remains with me, always.

I get upset when my children don't seem to be behaving the way we have brought them up to behave. We showed them, what we believe to be, the right way to live and behave, but as adults, it is their choice as to whether or not they choose to live that way.

That means during their lives, there have been many times when; I don't particularly like them; they've disappointed me; I've struggled with accepting their behaviour or decisions; but I ALWAYS love them, no matter what.

When asked, I've given advice, especially since they've married and have their own homes, but it doesn't always seem to be taken or even listened to! Then one day, I'll see them and find that they have taken my advice and I am filled with pride. My youngest said the other day, that she couldn't understand why I am always surprised when they do as I've suggested! I think it's called being a parent!

I've spent many times psyching myself up to say something when they have upset me but then I see them, love overtakes, my heart melts and I backtrack on what I was going to say to them...and I remember Psalm chapter 108 verse 8

"The Lord is compassionate and gracious, slow to anger, abounding in love."

What about the surprise I mentioned at the beginning that came out of nowhere?Vouchers for my husband and I to spend on holiday as a thank you for all the help we have given "our baby" in setting up their new home.

So today, let's remember love rather than it's opposite, indifference. Let's not allow the bad things to fill our hearts. Let them be so full of love and good things that there is no room for anything not good. If we all do that, what a wonderful place this will be and how much better we will feel

Photos by Nick Fewings and ART P on Unsplash

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