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Best friends listen to what you don't say


The road to a friends house is never long

Danish Proverb)

It takes a long time to grow and old friend

(John Leonard)

A friend is one of the nicest things you can have, and one of the best things you can be

(Douglas Pagels)

A few years ago, a very close friend bought me a calendar. Each page had some wonderful sayings on it surrounding friendship. When I had the clearout I mentioned the other day, I came across it, well the remains of it. I had trimmed the calendar part from the pictures and kept them.

There are so many wonderful sayings, but what is more wonderful is having a friend you can say all those things about.

How many times have you been a part of a conversation something like this?

"Hi. How are you?"

"Fine thanks. You?"

"Yes, I'm good, thanks."

Then we go along our way, or change the subject. The conversation is superficial and doesn't really lend itself to finding out how we are, it is just something that we say.

I am lucky enough to have special friends and they see through all the things I don't say to find out how I really am.

Do you have a friend like that? Are you a friend like that? Food for thought for all of us.

Photo by Levi Guzman on Unsplash

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