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Spring Cleaning and Avoidance

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I am the sort of person who loves everything in its place but now and again, I cannot be bothered and so let things slip.

But the trouble with that is, I find that mess breeds mess and then I am stuck in the turmoil, physical and mental, of not wanting it to be like that, to get everything back into its place, but then not really feeling the inclination to do it and so more mess gets added to the pile, making everything worse. Avoidance dominates

Then I decide that enough is enough and it needs to be cleared away. Everything seems so much better when I have made the effort and cleared away, putting everything back in its place. Oh and throwing away "stuff" I don't need anymore but had just kept hold of. A good old fashioned "Spring Clean".

Sometimes it is the same with our minds. We can end up cluttering it up, wanting to declutter but not being bothered to do it.

Just like when we are untidy and need to sort out the physical things, we also need to do the same for our minds. It takes a lot of effort sometimes, to de-clutter physically and mentally, but when we have made the effort, life feels so much better!

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