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Life, All Change - Again

#watch #life #home #Watch photo by Agê Barros on Unsplash

Home ordered and neat,

every 'thing' in it's place,

organised and sorted,

life, in it's new faze.

Home-life disrupted,

order now bent,

busy, disorganised,

life, changes again.

A new way of living,

shared amongst three,

different ideas on how,

life, it should be.

Company wonderful,

time filled, I do love,

no matter the difference,

love, fits like a glove.

Home changes again,

emptied and neat,

it's hard to imagine what,

life, will now be.

#Earth #Poem #Love #Life #changes #spinning #day

What now will happen,

with today at the start,

is a mystery to all,

life, tears at the heart.

The world keeps on moving,

never staying the same,

spinning and turning,

life, changes each day.

So as we move forward,

I guess we will see,

new ways of being, and

life, what it will be.

Life isn't static,

from when it begun,

the world keeps on turning,

life, always move on.

So, changes will happen,

so don't get brought down,

embrace all those changes,

love, never leaves town.

© Jeany Pavett 5th February 2018

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