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Spring = New Life

January the first is the start of a New Year. On the other hand, if you are in education, your New Year won't be until the beginning of September. Then again, the Christian year begins at the start of Advent. For most of us there are landmarks throughout our lives that mark the beginning of a new year, birthdays, anniversaries, a new job, leaving a job, retirement, having a many different starting points, new beginnings.

Often, we make a plan for what to do with our lives, but life doesn't always go to that plan. For me, a year ago today was the end of an era with tomorrow, a year ago, being the beginning of a new one. My life didn't go to plan and I've had a very topsy, turvy year instead.



As with my year, there is often nothing, or very little, we can do when "life" doesn't go the way we thought it might, however, this time of year is a new beginning. We are at a time when the weather is beginning to warm up and life is springing up in our fields and gardens. We don't always need to be trussed up in as many clothes, and yet it isn't warm enough to leave them at home.

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Spring is on it's way which means new life. Personally, I love looking at my garden where I can see the leaves of the bulbs sprouting through the soil, ready to burst into flower. I really love the spring colours.

There are so many different bulbs, and plants beginning to show themselves, and it won't be long before blossom fills the trees.

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For many, lambing season is the sign that Spring is here. The playful lambs frolic about the fields where the grass is beginning to grow again. (Yes it will soon be time for that first trim with the lawn mower!)

In a couple of weeks it will be the season of Lent, closely followed by Easter and more signs of New Life. I put capitals deliberately, because I believe anything that is a name for Jesus or God, needs to be in capitals. Jesus, of course, is referred to as the Lamb as well.

Jesus is New Life for all who want to take HIm up on the offer. As you may know, I am on the Bible Gateway Blogger Grid. I am a Preacher and use Bible Gateway regularly, and if I want to quote any parts of the Bible on my Blog, I use them as the reference. (Cut & Paste is always so much easier than retyping!)

So as I finished the paragraph about Lent, I thought I'd head over there and find a quote for todays blog and was amazed to find this one as their "Verse of the day", which fits perfectly,

For You, Lord, are good, and forgiving, abounding in kindness to all who call on You.

There is nothing any of us can ever do or say that means we cannot accept the New Life Jesus offers us. He became the Sacrificial Lamb so that we can be forgiven, washed clean and have a place in eternity forever. All we have to do is say, "Yes".

Lord, I want to accept that New Life only you can offer. Thank you for paying the ultimate sacrifice for all my sin, please forgive me and wash me clean. Amen.


Toddler Photo by Janko Ferlič on Unsplash

Crocus Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Lamb Photo by Marguerite Rami on Unsplash

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