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Is it easy to do the impossible?

Initially, the first reaction is probably, "Absolutely not!", after all, it's the impossible. Right?

Mountain to climb

When we stand at the bottom of a steep hill or a mountain and look up, is hard to believe that we would be able to climb even part way up, let alone reach the top.

Often, we don't need to be standing at the bottom of a mountain to feel as though we are facing an impossible task. Sometimes life gives us the impossible to deal with. Believe me, like everyone, I have faced many 'impossible' mountains in my life.

As a Christian, I believe that the Bible is God's Word. Yes it was written down by men, however, they were inspired by God to do so. It is full of examples of people struggling with all aspects of their life. They found it very hard to live their lives in a world where other people laughed at them for believing, they were in the midst of wars, personal tragedies, all the situations we find ourselves in today.

Abraham and Sarah were a couple who longed for a child but it just wasn't happening. They were getting older and older, still with no sign of a child. Sarah tried to take it into her own hands by getting Abraham to sleep with Hagar, Sarah's slave girl, but God kept sending reassurance that He would keep his promise and they would have their own child.

In Genesis chapter 18 we read about three men who visited Abraham and Sarah. They assured them that God would keep His promise and by the same time the following year, they would return when, they would have the son and heir God had promised them.

We read in verses 10 to 15 that Sarah laughed because she was passed child-bearing years and then she tried to cover her tracks when she was challenged on it. How often have we done that? We are embarrased because we have been caught out.

I don't want to focus on the white lie/fib, what I want to focus on is that if God has said something, it will happen.

I am just as guilty as the next person when I believe that God has given me a promise, but doesn't seem to be follwoing through, I lose heart and become dispondent. I can easily lose sight of His promise and disbelieve that it will happen. If only God's timing was the same as mine.

Man at top of the mountain

So today, why don't you join me in staying positive that as it assures us in so many Bible passages, that if God has promised you something, He will carry through as it says in Phillippians 1: 6.

It is so much harder to remain confident and assured when all around you doesn't seem to be working out, so let's pray together today, that we will try to remain focussed on the promises God has given.

Sarah and Abraham did have a son. His name was Isaac and from Him came Jacob (Israel), the father of twelve sons, the twelve tribes of Israel, the most famous being Joseph and eventually Jesus.

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