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Is that a reason to change?

I don't know about you, but no matter how hard I try, not eating too much over Christmas, doesn't seem to work. Too many meals to go to, much food (and drink) in the house (of the wrong kind), disturbed routine and so not exercising as much, does little to help me. Next Christmas I want to aim for a smaller dress, I know, it's totally in my hands.

So tomorrow I start again. Back to exercise and back to healthy eating and I wonder; will I make it?

I know I'm not alone in my desire. I join so many of us wanting to change something about ourselves as we are rarely happy with everything about ourselves, but is that a reason to change?

I would say yes and no. Changing ourselves to fit/suit someone else or to try to be something we are not, is not a reason to change ourselves.

Good reasons to change, for example, are for your health, your self-esteem or you just don't feel comfortable with: the way your life is, how your clothes fit and such like.

By all means, lose weight, change your hairstyle, job...for you. It is good to change for our loved ones if something isn't right about our lives, but the primary change needs to be for yourself.

So here's to embracing the right kind of changes for our lives as we settle into 2018.

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