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Challenges & Perseverance

Today, we decided to have a walk into the city. The sun was out but the wind was quite cold. It's difficult to know what to wear because walking makes you hot, however, not being wrapped up enough means that you will be cold.

High River

Rain, snow and ice had caused the river banks to burst and new rivers and ponds were formed, not only across the banks, but across some of the pathways making them impassable. A cyclist gave us the "heads up" that the pathway was flooded ahead so we turned back and took a footbridge over the river and walked on the other side. As we were walking back, we saw an older gentleman heading the same direction, followed by a second, and so let them know that the path was flooded. Like us, they took the decision that their shoes were not the right footwear to be wading across a flooded pathway.

Not only were they grateful for the information, they began to walk together, chatting as they walked behind us. It felt really good to have helped them and to hear them talking together as they walked into the city.

By the time we began our way home, we were cold and ready for our legs to be rested but the journey wasn't yet over and so we had to carry on to the end.

The road of life is a bit like that at times. We have to wade through difficulties and at other times, we can take an alternative route around the difficulties and then there are the times when all is well. So too our Christian life.

We are told in Romans Chapter Five that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope. When things are going well and are travelling an easier road, we can be happy and see the good all around. Travelling the more difficult road sometimes fogs everything and we cannot see a way forward.

Getting through those times, embracing the challenges they bring does teach us perseverance, build our character and gives us hope. Hope for a new tomorrow. As a Christian, I know that we have hope in Jesus Christ. He was born to fulfill only one purpose, to make us right with God so that we have a wonderful future in eternity.

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