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Every day we face challenges; I'm sure that many of us have faced some that have seemed as though we'd never get over them. I take exercise classes with others of my age group. When I first began them, I wondered if I would ever get through one class, let alone continue it! I pushed through, now I really enjoy them, look forward to doing them, and there is the social side to it as well. I have a new lease of life, new group of friends and, hopefully I am fitter than I was.

I have had a fitness band for a while, but recently changed to another one as my old one broke. I have discovered friends with the same brand and have joined a step challenge with them. The idea is to do as many steps as possible and see who gets the most. I don't think I will win over the others, but it makes me want to do as many as I possibly can.

Life itself is a challenge at times and we can so often wonder how we will get through the next hour, let alone day, week, month, let alone the year.

Having faith, is not easy either. There are times as a Christian, we we struggle to make sense of our life and our faith. We think that others are so much better at praying, reading their Bible, and generally being a Christian, than we are.

We know that in everything, we have to take the first step, whether that is a physical step, or some sort of other effort.

As we approach Christmas, maybe there is a first step we need to take. There are many celebrations at work and in our homes, but also in our churches. For some, to go to church might be a first step, for others, it may be an annual event. Either way, there are so many more events on at church which are easier to attend than perhaps other times of the year.

Why not take the challenge and this Advent countdown, seek out the reason we celebrate the season, and why so many thousands of people find comfort and strength in the faith?

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