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Wasting Time

It is so easy, in my opinion, to waste time. Just one more round on the game, wanting to get to the next level, beat your score, just one more episode of the series...before we know it, another hour has gone by and we haven't achieved very much at all.

I heard the other day about Mother Teresa. Apparently she had terribly deformed feet. Someone asked if she had contracted leprosy. It was explained that they only ever were donated just the right number of pairs of shoes. Mother Teresa didn't want anyone to get stuck with the worst pair and so she would take those for herself, and so her feet became deformed.

Some people make a big difference in the world and become famous. They, like Mother Teresa, are remembered across the world by so many, but most of us are not globally famous.

That is not to say that we don't, or cannot make a difference to many; nor does it mean that we don't leave a mark on tens, hundreds, even thousands of people. Yes I do mean thousands. If you count up the number of people you know that you have met since your memories began, then add to that number those whom you have not necessarily met or spoken to, but whose path you have crossed, that would be thousands. We are not always even aware of how many people we leave our mark on.

So what kind of a mark are you leaving on the world?

Jeany Pavett Author of Life After Death: A Mother's Story

Photo by Morgan Sessions on Unsplash

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