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Life After Death: A Mother's Story

Life After Death: A Mother's Story

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This book takes you on a non stop heart rendering emotional journey, unable to put it down for want of finding the conclusion to this brutally honest account of a mothers story, the life and loss of a child and the loss of her own childhood through abuse.

This book will tear at your emotions and, at the same time, the pure strength of this woman and the love which is clearly apparent throughout, will give you a sense of hope.

The snippet into this woman's life almost makes you feels as if you shouldn't be reading it because of the sheer tragedy involved and yet it is something which should be read by all if only to be humbled and to learn to truly appreciate one's own life and the fortunes within it.


    Life After Death: A Mother's Story is Jeany's autobiography.  It is a compelling read that you just won't be able to put down.  


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